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How does it work?

What is Innovation Factor? 

Innovation Factor is a digital innovation service designed for NHS organisations. It is provided by TRUSTECH, the NHS innovation experts. 

It lets users submit their ideas for new innovations and service improvements, find answers and information about intellectual property, and ask TRUSTECH questions. 

Submitting your idea to Innovation Factor is the first step to accessing TRUSTECH's wide range of services, designed to support you along every stage of the innovation development process.

What does Innovation Factor provide to NHS staff?


Once you've submitted your idea for a new innovation or service improvement, you will receive feedback from TRUSTECH within ten working days. This feedback could include comments on viability, impact, potential market size, intellectual property protection and suggested next steps. You will be notified by email when your feedback is ready. 

Following this, you may be invited to speak with us on the phone or in person. If your idea is viable, we can begin to help you with the development process.


You may have already developed (or partly developed) an idea and want to find out more about intellectual property. Innovation Factor can provide you with relevant information or link you with a member of the TRUSTECH team.

Alternatively, you can send general questions about innovation directly to the TRUSTECH team.

Funding Search Services

TRUSTECH has advanced systems which can identify funding opportunities relevant to your submission. These opportunities are sourced from the EU and UK Government, local authorities, charitable trusts, corporate sponsors,  loans, venture capital and advisory programmes. 

We have a wealth of experience in successfully applying for a range of funding sources on the behalf of NHS staff. Contact us at for more information.